Chef Ray L. Duey

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Fruit & Vegetable Carving

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Culinary artist, Chef Ray L. Duey, CEC, is nothing short of amazing when it comes to food sculpting.  To call him an artist is an understatement at best.  In addition to working his magic on centerpieces, he travels around the country, teaching the culinary art of fruit and vegetable carving, leaving spectators and culinary professionals alike spellbound.  Chef Ray is known for taking any fruit or vegetable and turning the ordinary into something extraordinary.  According to Chef Ray, any type of produce can be carved into arrangements or centerpieces that literally astonish.  Chef Ray is also the owner of

Publications about Chef Ray Duey

After his most recent competition on the Food Network's Sugar Dome, Executive Chef Ray Duey comes to ACF Regional ready to unleash the latest carving techniques to this year's attendees. With over 35 years experience and over 3 dozen medals in competition, Chef Ray will push you to expand your abilities and awaken your inner artist! A 3 piece tool set and DVD will be yours to take from this class as well as a new found passion for culinary art! Come, carve, and create!!!! Separate registration required. Class size limited Presented by Ray L Duey, CEC, owner, Chef Ray Presents (source)

Duey recently carved pumpkins at Macchia Winery for their fall release party. The chef’s publicist, Anna Karelis, coordinated with an area farmer and obtained two pumpkins weighing a combined 800 pounds. Duey carved designs of flowers into the pumpkins and was featured on “Good Day Sacramento.” Macchia co-owner Lani Holdener marveled at the chef’s work during the hours he spent diligently carving. (source)

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