Chef Ray L. Duey

Office: 209-334-6848 | Mobile: 310-800-8626

Fruit & Vegetable Carving

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A beautiful centerpiece.
A beautiful bouquet.
A beautiful lantern.
A beautiful melon carving.


Click on one of the gallery categories to view a few of the creations Chef Ray has created over the years. These are examples of his work, but he is in no way limited to what you see here! Chef Ray has created hundreds (yes hundreds, at least!) more centerpieces, lanterns, individual melons and melon stacks, as well as a number of completely unique bouquets. If you can imagine what you want, there is no doubt that Chef Ray L. Duey can bring it to life, just for you!

Please Note! All prices are not shown, and some prices may be inaccurate pending review by Chef Ray himself.